the heaviest of rocks can be roll' nigga

smooth cave rocking while hoppers nearby rode the biggest wave to consciousness gave entrance to a very specific kind of love as the sealed shining white cloak expanding across the air provided confidence. Loving my needs and the clear path for their fair resolution makes us combust the need itself to create our most treasured thoughts into a simple thing, our present-



hasta que mi escencia se haya desvanecido entre tantos nombres que no importe ya la firma sino el motivo


Oh dear, you came to give me meaning.
I think of how long you took sometimes,some others i think how fast you arrived. That's why i prefer to tell me you are here just when it's perfect.

I feel ready, i know me in others who are ready. We have began to repercute amongst us. It happens to be that we are mexicans and pueblo. Gathering, sharing, motivated and envisioned. As this happens it comes easy to be myself and create in every piece of paper something that says the moment Present. That is how i help.

Oh dear! I think of you knowing that i know you.
Meaning that i can listen to you describe our lentitude as a gift to begin humble. Giving reason speed to act intuition. Coming to save us all.
Avanza! Ordeno el Capitan justo cuando mi rodilla se quebraba. Con esa inercia mi cara iba directo al pavimento cuando como magia la pierna izquierda se rifo a dar el siguiente paso. Emergimos a una bella planicie, las islas en Ciudad Universitaria, decididos a cambiar y ser cambiados.


And the high tides broke away from it's roots as the waves mirrored the Lunier-