I got something to say.-
as i need someone to pronounce the questions
as needed be the audience, because it wills to listen.

No one came and in anger I voyage to Mars,
where incognite demonites cut my tongue so i flee.
Then i stumble into Venus, I think.

Envious reflection of a world of its own.
Indeed is crafted by my hands as the signature.
For agreement. We shall.-

Speaking relatively more or less to my lust.
I answer to that inexplicable rule,
needed be a solution, who am I to do some good?



Something meaningful.
Something that makes me forget about my finite life.
Something that makes me believe in the wings on my back.
Something obscure that lets me steel unnoticed.
Something bright that make your eyes turn to me.
Something nasty that is inhaled into my lungs.
Something pure that reminds me of mother earth.
Something that makes everything disappear but the infinite sky.
Something mine.



creo en ti y tu belleza.
creo en cada uno de tus movimentos llevando fotones al espacio infinito y de regreso.
creo que nuestros problemas de la cabeza son el eco de un corazón honesto en una realidad engañada y engañante.
pero tengo por cierto, como artista y alquimista, persona y humano, que estoy en este viaje de vida para ser victima de la belleza. Tanto la que pasa a por dentro de mí, como la de los fotones ajenos que al regresar tocan tierra y explotan su voluntad haciendo que eso llamado comunión crezca.



I got a plan about dreaming. I shall steal every dream away. From every memory and each particle. All of the individuals will perish. For I have eaten them by stealing their goals away. Far.
Far away.
Far far, don't be scared.

I have decided i will roam in high skies for absolutely nothing. Lifted my arms by strings pulling down. Dwelling only amongst those who are flying too. As you see it, i'll be walking tall.
Far away.
Far from all hope, away.

I am a gardener mostly ignored. All of the prices are for the quiet flowers, you see I move like a ghost. Fade me away into the prison of your heart. No other gold could name a price.
Far far far.
Far from animal brawls.


Flores de Jacaranda

Encontre dos flores violetas en el pasto.
Para mi sorpresa levante la cabeza hasta ver en la punta del árbol el primer brote de jacarandas.